The sooner you register the event in mySource, the better. This will allow ample time for staff to review and ask questions, seek clarification and request edits for final approval.

You are encouraged to register all events for the semester as soon as possible—you can always make edits.

Co-hosting and sponsorship

Want to co-host an event with another student organization? Both organizations’ Inter/National Headquarters must send documentation directly to OFSL approving the co-hosted event.

Documentation should reference:

  • Names of co-hosting organizations
  • Date of event
  • Nature of event (I.e., band party, date party, etc.)

Can our event be sponsored or co-sponsored?

Not Approved

A group or entity that provides or purchases alcohol

  • A bar
  • An event promoter
  • Alcohol brand or distributer

Subject to Approval

All other events.