A First Year Student Engagement Experience

Student Involvement is proud to introduce the UA Vanguard! Through the Vanguard cohort, first year students explore the landscape of campus engagement, learn fundamentals for community building and harness their own skills and passions as emerging leaders. Vanguard students will connect with peer mentors who are experts on student engagement: student organization leaders, university ambassadors and more! By participating in the UA Vanguard, students will emerge empowered to make legendary change here at the Capstone.


With over 600 student organizations to explore, campus can feel overwhelming. The UA Vanguard will give students tools to network and opportunities to navigate campus. Participants will take part in co-curricular training focused on campus culture and student involvement. During these trainings, students will be able to directly glean from student organization officers, student council members and university departments.


Learn by doing. As students explore, they will also engage. Join organizations, create new ones and discover how you can best contribute on campus. With the support of fellow peers in the UA Vanguard and third- and fourth-year mentors, participants will have a team of support each step of the way.


Lead from the front. Equipped with their new skills and knowledge, UA Vanguard leaders will emerge with new skills and knowledge to empower students and serve as leaders across campus. Participants will build community and set a foundation to maximize the undergraduate experience. Through engaging with student organizations, students will be able to focus on passions and develop personal leadership styles.


Any students enrolled at the University of Alabama within their first two semesters, whether conditionally or unconditionally accepted, may apply to the Vanguard at UA. Qualifying applicants must complete an interview during the selection period below. All selected candidates must agree to commit to the organization’s guidelines and curriculum including attending the yearlong cohort experience.

Any members who fail to complete the curriculum requirements will not receive final recognition for having been a part of the Vanguard at UA.

Application Dates

The application timeline is as follows:

  • All applications must be submitted by August 29, 2024.
  • Applicants will receive notification of acceptance by September 4, 2024.
  • The first cohort meeting will be September 9, 2024.
Apply to UA Vanguard Apply to UA Vanguard Peer Mentor

Students accepted into the UA Vanguard will engage in monthly group discussions that will provide foundational information about what it means to engage with the Capstone. Students that fulfill all required objectives over the duration of the experience will be recognized for successfully completing the UA Vanguard experience.

For more information regarding the UA Vanguard, please contact Jeffrey Lewis at Jeffrey.S.Lewis@ua.edu.

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