EHS retains discretion as to the absolute maximum capacity of any event based on established occupancy limits and other relevant factors. If a chapter has different (lower) restrictions based on national guidelines or space, or has declined the increase from 500, the policy defers to the lower number.

The following applies to Greek housing located on or near University Blvd or Jefferson Ave. As of March 30, 2023, maximum capacity for events involving front with temporary fencing:

  • 750 people for houses on University Blvd.
  • 600 people for houses on Jefferson Ave.

The maximum capacity limits do not include:

  • Indoor-only events or events that were initially planned for the front yard and get moved indoors due to weather
  • Enclosed courtyards or backyards without the proper egress

Event Capacity Considerations

Particularly for outdoor events with maximum capacity.

Risk Management

Best practices:

  • Event Monitors are essential to assist in crowd management
  • Utilize signage to provide clear expectations of guests (see sample signage)
  • The implementation of a color-coded Wrist Band system assists in quickly identifying members/guests, etc.
  • In addition to the emergency exits, there should be one event exit where participants are allowed to leave the event.  The event exit can be in the same place as the event entrance OR it can be in another place.


  • With wider entrances, two security guards should be stationed at the main entrance. For more information on event security, refer to the Security recommendations.


Signage should be utilized as reminders for those hosting event and the event guests on good behavior when in attendance.

Capacity signage is not available for download and will be provided by The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life. Other specific forms of signage are available upon request.