The final number of security personnel shall be determined based on projected attendance, time, location, event description, source of the alcohol, etc. Additional security personnel may be required based on venue capacity and the nature of the event.

Organizations utilizing security firms on a regular basis are encouraged to develop a solid relationship with one to two firms with timely written communications, formalized contracts, mutual respect and collaboration. Event monitors should introduce themselves to security staff prior to each event and work alongside security throughout the event.

Minimum Guards Required

Utilize the provided formula in the chart and or text version below for minimum guards and increase as needed to ensure the space is well-staffed.

Event Security Guidance Chart
Event Security Guidance Chart

Philanthropy Event

Greek House with Audience

Sporting Event, ticketed cookout, live music

  • Number of Guards: At least 2
  • Arrival Time: 30 min before
  • Departure Time:  30 min after

Greek House without Audience

Blood Drive, walk-by food sale

  • Number of Guards: TBD (likely 0)
  • Arrival Time: N/A
  • Departure Time: N/A

Reservable Campus Space

  • Number of Guards: TBD (likely 0)
  • Arrival Time: 30 min before
  • Departure Time:  30 min after

Social Event

I.e., swap, band party, date party with or without alcohol
  • Number of Guards: 2 per main entrance + 1 per exit + 1 per 100 attendees
  • Arrival Time: 1 hour before
  • Departure Time:  1 hour after

Security Example

Darty has 1 entrance and 4 exits. The estimated attendance is 750.

  • 1 entrance = 2 Guards
  • 4 exits = 4 Guards
  • 750 attendees = 8 Guards

Guards Needed: 2 + 4 + 8
Total Guards = 14

New Member Presentation or Step Show

Number of Guards

Minimum 1 professional security guard + either a second professional security guard or two (2) members of the advisory committee in attendance.

The minimum will be required for outside and/or a venue with 2 or fewer entrances and exits. For each additional exit (3+), events require either an additional guard and/or two additional advisors

Arrival and Departure Time

  • Arrival Time: 1 hour before
  • Departure Time:  1 hour after

Other Events

Don’t see your type of event? Contact us for more information.

Security Vendors

The hosting organization is ultimately still responsible for the success of the event and should work in partnership with the security vendor to ensure all policies are being followed.

  • Select and establish relationship with 1-2 UA-approved security vendors to work with for the semester
  • Share dates of events with security vendor(s) and ensure that they are available and can adequately staff all events
  • Draft a document of shared expectations and dates of events to be agreed upon and signed by both the security vendor and organization
    • Both the organization and security vendor should retain a copy of the signed document

General Expectations of Security Vendors

Adequately Staff Events

  • Provide agreed upon number of guards
  • Staff duration of event
  • Control access to events at all times
  • Do not abandon an event still in progress

Check ID’s at the Point of Entry

  • Anyone under the age of 18 must be prohibited from entering
  • Type of ID accepted?
  • Drinking age and under drinking age participants must be appropriately identified

Prevent Overcrowding

  • Maintain unobstructed exits for emergency egress
  • If an event gets full, access must be restricted until the attendance level is lowered
  • If an event becomes overcrowded, unsafe or if event begins to get out of control for whatever reason, security vendors must contact the UAPD and request help immediately. When the UAPD arrives, the security vendor must work with the UAPD to remedy the situation.


  • Prohibit unapproved beverages (both type and container) both at entry and in event
  • Prohibit all animals, except working service animals (does not include emotional support animals), both at entry and in event