Below are some commonly used mySOURCE resources available to student organizations and brief descriptions:

SOURCE Presidents Newsletter

Submit your announcements or events to be featured in our newsletter to all registered student organization presidents. Contact our Director of Communications ( for more information regarding the newsletter. Submit items to the newsletter via mySource.

OIT Email Account Request Form

The OIT Email Account Request Form allows recognized student organizations the option to request a unique email or web address from the Office of Information Technology at UA. Once an organization’s advisor completes the form, OIT will reach back out to you with the details of set-up. Make sure you select the “create a generic account” option if you are creating an email for your student organization. Contact OIT with any questions.

Change of Constitution Form

An up-to-date constitution is required for all registered student organizations. If you have already completed your organization renewal for the current academic year, but have made changes to your constitution, then the primary contact of your organization must submit a Change of Constitution form. All constitution changes must be reviewed by The Office of Student Involvement.

Change of Officer or Advisor Form

All student organizations must have a president, vice-president, treasurer, and faculty/staff advisor. If your organization has already completed its renewal for the current academic year, but have an unexpected change in officers or advisor, then you will need to complete the Change of Officer/Advisor form. We ask that this form be submitted and completed by the most senior officer remaining in the organization. Frozen organizations do not qualify for the use of this form. If you have questions, contact The Office of Student Involvement.