Renewal applications are available twice a year for existing organizations. Applications must be completed during the appropriate window each academic year to remain an active organization. Student organizations choose their registration window based on when they hold elections. The registration windows are as follows:

Renewal WindowOpen Renewal DatesOrg Officer TermElections
Fall March 15 – June 15Align with Academic CalendarLate spring or early summer
Spring November 15 – February 15Align with Calendar YearLate fall

Organization leaders who have found their organization’s renewal window no longer fits with their operations calendar or election cycle, can email us at

Annual Process Steps

The Overall Renewal Process includes the following four steps:

Renewal applications can only be accessed by an officer with administrative privileges (President, Vice President, Treasurer and/or Advisor). Outgoing officers or the advisor should make sure new officers are invited to the organization with their appropriate titles via the “manage roster” feature on mySOURCE. For-step-by-step information on managing the roster visit the mySource help site.

Ensure that your current advisor is still listed as a full-time faculty/staff member and will not be engaging in sabbatical or any extended leave during your upcoming term. If the advisor will not be returning to their role, you will need to identity one or more full-time faculty and/or staff members to serve as your advisor. This person will receive an email to submit an “Advisor Acknowledgement Form” electronically after your online application has been submitted and accepted. They must submit that form to officially remain listed as your advisor or to be added as a new advisor. You will officially change out advisors during the online registration process if needed.
Organizations will submit a combined online Hazing Policy and Child Protection Form via DocuSign. The president of each organization will initiate the form signing process and will include the email addresses of the VP and Advisor to route the form to them electronically. To fill out the form, individuals should follow instruction details below in the renewal resources section.

The renewal application is housed in mySOURCE. Officers will log in to their accounts using their myBama credentials. Additional renewal instruction resources are provided below. Applicants are responsible for having the following components in order prior to beginning an application.

  • Membership Roster – You will need the email addresses of your full membership roster (crimson emails only). Organizations are required to have a minimum of 10 members.
  • Officer Contact Information – Mandatory exec positions include President, Vice President, & Treasurer and advisor. Individuals cannot occupy multiple mandatory positions within the same org. You will need phone numbers and UA emails of each officer. Use as a resource to fill in any contact information for your advisor you may be missing.
  • UA Constitution – You will need to submit your most up-to-date organization constitution that meets the required guidelines found in the Constitution Writing Guide.
  • In addition to the guidelines provided, all registered student organizations are required to include UA’s Non-discrimination clause which states:

    “Membership in registered student organizations shall be open to all students of The University of Alabama, without regard to race, religion, sex, ability status, national origin, color, age, gender identity, gender expression, sexual identity, or veteran status except in cases of designated fraternal organizations exempted by federal law from Title IX regulations concerning discrimination on the basis of sex.”

Renewal Timeline 2022-2023

Fall Window

March 15 – June 15

Spring Window

November 15 – February 15

Online Child Protection and Hazing Policy (CPHP) Submission


The president of each organization is responsible for initiating the Child Protection and Hazing Acknowledgement form for their new leadership team. Links to the form are included in the mySOURCE application, as well as below. In the event the president is not submitting the application on behalf of the organization, the submitter should forward them the link applicable to their age group or direct them to this page to access the link.


Select the (1) option that corresponds with the president’s age:

Once a version of the form has been completed, it will be routed electronically to our office for review. This should be completed prior to submitting your mySOURCE updates online.