ACT Card Reader Rental

Student organizations can check-out action card readers to collect Bama Cash and/or track attendance at events and meetings. Interested organizations should submit the ACT Card Reader request form at least two weeks before their event date.

After applications are approved, ACT Card readers should be picked up directly from the ACT Card office. If you have questions, please contact ACT Card.

  • Fees for Attendance: $160 per semester, $60 per reader per month, or $20 per week; Free one day rental, so long as readers are returned the following day. All fees are per reader.
  • Fees for Bama Cash: Assessed for 3.5% for total amount collected in Bama Cash
  • $25 Late Fee per reader per day

Groups renting for the semester are responsible for returning the reader and all charging cables by the last day of the semester. Failure to do so will result in late fees being processed until the readers are returned.

Bama Dining and Coca-Cola Grants

For more information about the Bama Dining and Coca-Cola Grants, visit the Financial Resources page of our website.

Campus Walking and Running Routes

UA has several standard route options for events like 5K’s, walks, runs, parades, and other demonstrations. Check out the Crimson Trails Program (PDF) for more information.

Digital Signage Promotion

Organizations can advertise their events with yard signs or banners by completing the Outdoor Signage Request.

Organizations can also submit digital flyers and advertisements to appear on certain screens around campus utilizing the methods below:

Event Resource Request

Through the Event Resource Request process, University Programs provides UA student organizations and departments with funding, promotion, and videography/photography for certain on campus events. Learn more on University Programs’ website.

Event Ticketing (UTix)

Departments and registered student organizations for the current academic year may apply to utilize E-tickets. The E-tickets program provides a way for departments and organizations to collect money for events/programs sponsored by the group at a minimal administrative cost. Departments and registered student organizations must turn in an e-ticket application at least 10 days prior to their event. Please read the following polices carefully before submitting your application or considering use of the E-Tickets program. Contact Teneshia Arnold at for questions.

Fleet Services Vehicle Rental

Organizations can rent vehicles through UA’s Fleet Services Office for one-day or one-time trips. All drivers must complete a Motor Vehicle Release “MVR” Form and drivers under the age of 25 must complete the “Alive at 25” training course. For more information contact Risk Management. Payment is only accepted through an established account number in UA financial system.