Organization Bank Accounts

Obtaining a bank account for your organization is an endeavor that should be entered into with care and proper knowledge. The information provided in this section will offer information about setting up a bank account with the Alabama Credit Union (ACU) or with other banking institutions in the state of Alabama.

In order to obtain a bank account at any financial institution, your organization must be recognized at The University of Alabama and have current up-to-date information listed on your mySOURCE organization profile. The Office of Student Involvement recommends the use of the Alabama Credit Union.

Bama Dining Food Grant

Bama Dining and Enterprise Operations provide active, registered student organizations the opportunity to receive food and refreshments donations for events. See below for more details:

If you have questions about the Bama Dining Food Grant, please contact Patrick Brinyark with Bama Dining (

Coca-Cola Grant (Unavailable for Spring 2024)

Registered student organizations are eligible for $100 worth of Coca-Cola products per year. From soft drinks to customizable banners, these products are an awesome resource for events and publicity. Your allocation amount is kept in a spreadsheet with our office. Once you have reached your designated amount, you will not be eligible for additional funds. Before submitting, please make sure your request is at least 10 business days in advance of your desired date to receive the products. All funds come from a large pot that is first come first serve. To submit an allocation request do the following:

  1. Complete the Student Organization Request Form
  2. The Office of Student Involvement will review your request and if approved, will send you an email confirmation.
All requests must be submitted at least 10 business days in advance. Requests made less than 10 business days in advance cannot be filled.

Financial Affairs Committee (FAC) Funding and Training

The Student Government Association (SGA) Financial Affairs Committee (FAC) allocates funds to registered student organizations for programs, events, travel, and more.

Completing FAC Training is required before an organization can apply for FAC funding. The training is held via Blackboard and helps student organization leaders understand the FAC application process.

For more information about FAC funding guidelines and training, review the documents listed on FAC’s mySource profile or contact FAC Advisor Cassie Yeager (

Event Resource Request

Through the Event Resource Request process, University Programs provides UA student organizations and departments with funding, promotion, and videography/photography for certain on campus events. Learn more on University Programs’ website.

SUPE Store Collaborative Event Grant

The SOURCE and Student Involvement, in partnership with the SUPE Store, offer grant funding to help support student organizations working together to host engaging on-campus events for the UA student community to enjoy whose expenses might exceed FAC funding available to the organizations.

If you have an event planned in collaboration with one or more partners, we have a new resource designed to support your work together financially. The form is available on mySOURCE. Applications for the Spring 2024 semester will open on 1/31/2024.

To apply, first make sure that an Event Smart Certified member of your organization (or partner organization) has created a mySOURCE event submission for the proposed collaboration and then use the form to share specific information about your event, a detailed budget, and a mission statement for your collaborative event.

The committee will review applications on a rolling, first-come first-served basis. We encourage anyone interested in exploring this opportunity to reach out to John Gilmer, Assistant Director of Organization Development, at to schedule a consultation.