Bama Pulse

BamaPulse is a website and app that streamlines volunteer and community engagement opportunities and allows you to record your volunteer service hours and impacts.

Through BamaPulse you can easily search for local nonprofits and on-campus service organizations, register for community service events, manage your service-learning courses, and track your service hours.

Student organizations can also use BamaPulse to track organization member engagement with service opportunities. For questions or inquiries regarding how to register your organizations service or to get credit for your hours, contact the Center for Service and Leadership at

The Center for Service and Leadership

At The University of Alabama, the Center for Service and Leadership strives to enhance the student experience through active and diverse engagement opportunities in the community. These meaningful and experiential learning opportunities provide students the ability to enhance their leadership skills while becoming active, global citizens. The Center is built upon the foundation that service is transformational for both individuals and communities. Visit