Event Smart training equips student organizations to use MySource’s event registration process and hosting safe, successful on-campus events.

Students will receive access to register events (Event Smart certification) upon successful completion of this training for the current academic year. This certification lasts for one full academic year.

To learn more about on-campus events and their registration, please visit our Event Planning and Registration page. There you will find helpful links, documents, and policies pertaining to the event registration process.

We also welcome you to visit our Campus Event Resources page to learn more about event resources provided by our partners in other UA departments.

General Event Smart Live Training Dates

Student Involvement offers Event Smart training as a live virtual workshop before each semester and then regularly throughout the semester. Every organization must send an officer or member to complete Event Smart training to register their organization’s events.

Spring 2024 Virtual Event Smart trainings are ongoing throughout the semester, and specific information for each session, including RSVP Links, is available in MySource!

Greek Event Smart Live Training Dates

The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and the Office of Student Involvement, in coordination with their campus partners, host Greek Event Smart training for members and officers of active APA, IFC, NPHC, and UGC fraternities and sororities. This training takes place at the beginning of each semester, and at least one officer from each active chapter must attend in order for the chapter to host social events. Use the RSVP link to visit our calendar and sign up for the session you prefer!

Scheduled Spring 2024 Greek Event Smart dates are as follows:

Please use the RSVP feature in the MySource links above to sign up for your chosen session!

Virtual makeup sessions are available, and more information can be found here!