Chalking Guidelines

Official University policies and procedures regarding sanctioned chalking areas and approved surface spaces for advertising can be found in the Facilities and Grounds Use Policy on the UA Policies website.

Child Protection and Hazing Acknowledgements

UA requires the officers and advisors of a registered campus organization to complete the Child Protection and Hazing Acknowledgement form. See the Renew An Org page to initiate the form.

Please note that this form is a requirement for renewal of your organization and must be submitted and processed in our office before your organization is officially recognized. 

Constitution Writing Guide

The Constitution Writing Guide (PDF) outlines a standard format for the required organizational constitution. Please review carefully as some aspects are required per UA Guidelines.

Hazing Policy

The University of Alabama is committed to providing an environment for students, employees, and campus visitors that is free from all forms of hazing. Hazing Policy

Portable Credit Card/Reader Policy

The emergence of Portable Debit/CC Readers has made the process of collecting funds, donations, and monies from student organization members and patrons extremely easy. However, this process can also present a number of security and risk issues that student organizations should be aware of.  Review recommendations provided regarding these issues via this Portable Credit Card/Reader Policy.

Social Event Guidelines & Addendum

Provides organizations with details regarding social event policies and procedures. For info regarding swap contract, see below.

Social Media Tips

Strategic Communications provides organizations with details regarding UA’s Social Media guidelines and recommendations for engagement on social media platforms.

Student Handbook

Official University policies and procedures governing all students at The University of Alabama are included in the Student Handbook.

Student Org Portable Credit Reader Policy

The Student Org Portable Credit Reader Policy provides organizations with details regarding UA’s policy on the use of personal or organization portable debit and credit card readers on campus.

Swap Contract

The Swap Contract 2022-23 (PDF) provides organizations with parameters related to the agreement between two organizations who are hosting a social swap event.

University Trademark and Licensing

The University Trademark and Licensing site includes a list of all UA trademarks and the application to utilize UA trademarks on promotional materials. Student organizations who wish to utilize UA trademarked symbols, should review this policy and go through the proper channels for approval of their designs.