Guidance to Student Organizations

The emergence of Portable Debit/CC Readers has made the process of collecting funds, donations, and monies from student organization members and patrons extremely easy. However, this process can also present a number of security and risk issues that student organizations should be aware of:

  • Wireless Identity theft is at an all-time high. Processing transactions in locations that may not be secure and across unsecure servers, can leave patron information and your organization’s information vulnerable to identity theft.
  • Your organization and members could be targeted for fraud, if services are not delivered or monies are not utilized for the intended purpose advertised.
  • UA has specific guidelines regarding the sale of merchandise and collection of funds, on campus, so your organizations solicitation could be in violation of those guidelines.
  • The Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance standards require strict record keeping and handling of patron information for the use of debit and credit cards transactions. If the organization cannot consistently demonstrate those practices, then they should not enter into a Portable Debit Card Reader program or system.
  • UA discourages the use of personal portable debit card readers and authorizes the use of only controlled programs (see below) through The SOURCE and The Office of Student Involvement for the collection of monies via credit or debit card on campus.

Secure Ticketing Options for Student Organizations

To aid student organizations, who would like to collect funds from patrons or members, The SOURCE and The Office of Student Involvement has established the Student Org Tix Program.

Registered student organizations may apply to utilize Student Org Tix. This E-ticket program provides a way for organizations to collect money for events/programs sponsored by the group. Student Org Tix provides this service at a minimal administrative cost. It can also be used to facilitate anything from collecting money for tshirt orders or to charging money for admission to an event or program. Registered student organizations must turn in an e-ticket application at least 10 days prior to their event. Benefits of using Student Org Tix include:

  • Free set-up of online ticketing portal
  • Staff Support for large scale event or programs
  • Secure transaction guarantee and free reporting
  • Minimal administrative fees
  • Ticket and troubleshooting support on-campus and online


Please contact the Office of Student Involvement for more information about Student Org Tix or visit for more information. Our office can be reached via email at or phone 205-348-6114.