The 2024-2025 new organization process will begin August 1, 2024. Please check back in August to access the new organization proposal form.

At The University of Alabama, we encourage creativity and the expression of new ideas through the establishment of student organizations. Any enrolled UA student can create a new student organization following the guidelines below.

How to Create a New Organization

Read the Create an Organization Packet 2024-2025 for complete details.

Any group of 10 or more currently enrolled UA students who refer to themselves as an organization or club must apply to be recognized by the Office of Student Involvement. Any organization that has not been registered through mySource previously or is defunct/inactive for 1 year is considered a new organization.

To register a new organization for recognition by the University of Alabama, complete the steps below.

Before applying:

  1. Review all minimum requirements listed in the Create an Organization Packet 2024-2025
  2. Ensure that the new organization mission does not duplicate or closely resemble any currently active student organizations listed in mySOURCE
  3. Find and confirm a full-time faculty or staff member to serve as the organization advisor (graduate students and part-time employees do not fulfill this requirement)
  4. Confirm three UA students who will fill the required officer positions (president, vice president, and treasurer) for the organization

Submitting a proposal:

  1. Review the application deadlines below
  2. Complete the New Organization Proposal 2024-2025 form on mySource
  3. Review proposal feedback and make changes if required by Student Involvement staff

Completing the provisional period:

  1. Complete the training, membership, and goal setting requirements (detailed information about new organization requirements are emailed to student officers if their new organization proposal is approved)
  2. Meet with the SOURCE Board Director of New Organizations
  3. Officially register your new organization in MySource including your organization constitution, 10 UA student members, and Child Protection and Hazing form

Application Deadlines 2024-2025

Org Proposal DeadlineCohort NameOrg Proposal ReviewProvisional Period End Date (if approved)Full Org Status (if all requirements are met)
August 15August CohortAugust 15 – 20September 30October 1
September 1September CohortSeptember 1 – 15October 31November 1
November 1November CohortNovember 1 – 15January 15January 15
February 1February CohortFebruary 1 – 15March 31April 1
March 1March CohortMarch 1 – 15April 30May 1

Applications will be reviewed in bulk after each proposal deadline. During the two weeks after each application deadline, students will receive feedback about their new organization proposal and modifications may be required.

 August 15th is a priority deadline for any new student organization that wants to participate in Fall Get on Board Day, Organization Takeover, or any early fall activities in the month of August/September. Applicants whose proposal for creation are approved, will be allowed to participate in GOBD provided they have not missed the GOBD registration deadline.  Those who do not meet this deadline will be unable to participate in GOBD.

Provisional Period

Please note that all UA student organization requirements and training requirements must be met by the end of the provisional period in order to gain full status as an active student organization. New organizations who do not successfully complete all of these requirements will remain in their provisional period until all requirements are complete.

During the provisional period new organizations cannot:

  • Host events requiring registration through the mySource event form (a list of registration requirements can be found in the Student Organization Campus Event Policy
  • Apply for Financial Affairs Committee (FAC) funding through the Student Government Association
  • Adopt marketing, products, or other references using University of Alabama Trademarked and Licensed brands or its privileges

Once a student organization’s provisional period is complete the organization will be listed on mySource and have access to these resources.

New Organizations 2023-2024

The following new organizations are currently in their provisional period. If you are interested in joining an organization, reach out to the president by email.

New OrganizationPresident NamePresident E-mailCohort
Cereal ClubLuisa 2024
Knights of the TideJalen 2024
Association for Information Systems (AIS) Student ChapterMicah 2024
Dorbin Women's AssociationKatie 2024
The Alabama Trial Advocacy BoardFain 2024
Crimson Works!Bennett 2024
Alabama International Conversation ClubLiam 2024
Women In CybersecurityBlaine 2024
Students Supporting IsraelTamar 2024
Zeta PsiJoseph 2024
The Crimson SongwritersKyle 2024
Roll Tide® for ReadingAlexis 2024
Tuning The Tide UAMary 2024
Association of Computing Machinery - WomenEllie 2024
Art Photography ClubJames 2023
Capstone Wealth AcademyReniya 2023
The Bate Papo SocietySean 2023
Student Board of Public HealthKyle 2023
The ExecDemitrius T. Barksdaledtbarksdale@ua.eduNovember 2023
Environmental Law SocietyCaleb 2023
The Skydiving Enthusiasts ClubJacob 2023
The University of Alabama Student Chapter Of the American Library AssociationBenjamin Logan 2023
Undergraduate Linguistics ClubAnna 2023
Student Real Estate Investment FundKatie 2023
Labor and Employment Law SocietyCourtney 2023
Alabama Poker SocietyChristian 2023
American Studies ClubCat 2023
Alabama Urbanists Coalition - TuscaloosaZachary 2023
Automobile Mutual Aid Team of Chinese StudentsKai 2023
Adobe Student AmbassadorsRaven 2023
T-Town ImagineJosie 2023
Broadcast Education Association Student Media ClubHollan 2023
The Avanti Alumni NetworkCierra 2023
Alabama PearlsQuiana 2023
American Constitution SocietyAlli 2023
Vision of HopeKirsten 2023
African American Studies Student AssociationDanielle 2023
Para Track and FieldMegan 2023
Competitive Programming ClubAndrew 2023
Daily Threds Club- Sewing and Fashion DiscussionMaria 2023
The College Life in Christ at UARobert 2023