At The University of Alabama, we encourage creativity and the expression of new ideas through the establishment of Student Organizations. Any enrolled UA student can initiate the creation of a new student organization. In addition, any group of 10 or more currently enrolled UA students who refer to themselves as an organization or club must apply to be recognized with The SOURCE via their individual my SOURCE profile. As a new organization, the following resources below will assist in submitting your application for recognition by The University of Alabama’s Office of Student Involvement.

Application Deadlines 2021-2022

The following application deadlines are designed to provide you with a snapshot of the applicable timelines for creating a new organization at The University of Alabama. Prior to starting the process of creating an organization, we suggest that you review this document in its entirety and consider scheduling a meeting with the SOURCE Director of New Organizations and Initiatives. If you are considering starting an organization that may require additional approval (see “Additional Approval” section), then we strongly encourage you to email us at to set-up a meeting with one of our professional staff members.

Priority Deadline (Rolling Submissions)

July 1, 2021 – August 1, 2021 (Provisional Time: September 1 – 30)

This a priority deadline for any new student organization that wishes to be approved for first day of classes of Fall 2021 and one that wishes to participate in Fall Get On Board Day, Organization Takeover, or any early fall activities. Applicants who are not able to make this deadline will not be able to participate in major activities.

Fall and Spring Deadlines

Applications received will be reviewed in bulk. New organizations are approved as a cohort. This allows for our office to host training and other items with a collective group. During the month of your application, the first 15 days of the month would be reserved for administrative needs and could include some of the following:

  • Staff from the Office of Student Involvement would review your application materials, follow-up on any issues, and communicate any changes needed to proceed with to approve your application. Applications will typically go through this review between the 1st and 15th of the month.
  • The organization would be scheduled for and attend a required New Organization Workshop, also know as NOW Workshop during the month of application.
  • The organization would meet with our Director of New Organizations and Initiatives to discuss any necessary changes or resources needed from the Office of Student Involvement or on campus.

Submissions will only be reviewed after each deadline

DeadlineProvisional Time
September 1, 2021October 1 – 31
November 1, 2021December 15 – January 15
February 1, 2022March 1 – 31
March 1, 2022April 1 – 30
Submissions will not be accepted after the March deadline for the 2020-21 academic years. The new cycle opens July 1 for 2021-22.

Please note that new student organizations cannot:

  • Host events requiring registration through the mySource event form
  • Apply for Financial Affairs Committee (FAC) funding through the Student Government Association

Once a student organization’s provisional period is complete (including all training and other requirements to become a fully active student organization), the organization will have access to these resources.

“Create An Org” Information

Please Download the “Create an Org” Packet 2020-2021 (PDF) for complete details.

An organization that has not been registered with The SOURCE previously is considered a New Organization. All NEW organizations must go through a one-month status called a “Provisional Status” where they will be allowed to do nominal business of the organization. During this timeframe, the organization must do the following:

  1. Identify one or more advisors that are full-time faculty and/or staff members (Needed prior to application)
  2. Successfully submit a New Organization Registration via mySOURCE. (See Org Packet for Instructions)
  3. Submit an ONLINE DocuSign Hazing Policy Acknowledgement from approved officers (must be initiated by the President) and Child Protection Training form from the president
  4. Attend a New Organization Workshop hosted by The SOURCE (Coordinated after approval)
  5. Establish and complete at least 50% of their submitted “Sustainability Goals” within the first month (Will submit future proof online)
  6. Successfully recruit and add at least 10 official members to their organization roster (within the first month)

Additional “Create An Org” Resources:

Online Child Protection and Hazing Policy (CPHP) Submission


Both the Hazing and Child Protection forms are now combined and this form is completed as a group. President must begin the form and then it is routed to everyone else for signature (primarily president, vp, and advisor).

DocuSign Submission Instructions (PDF)


Select the (1) option that corresponds with the president’s age:

Once a version of the form has been completed, it will be routed electronically to our office for review. This should be completed prior to submitting your mySOURCE updates online.


To be recognized by the University of Alabama as a registered student organization you need the following:

  • At least 10 interested members with names, emails, and contact information (all UA students)
  • A President, Vice-President, and Treasurer (all UA Students)
  • A faculty/staff advisor, who must be a full-time employee of The University of Alabama
  • An organization constitution established in accordance with specific guidelines set by The University of Alabama for all registered organizations (Sample Constitution and Checklist (PDF))

First you will need to access your my SOURCE account.

  1. Go to my SOURCE
  2. Click on the login button (top right)
  3. Once directed to the myBama screen, enter your username and password
  4. You will now reach your my SOURCE personal homepage. If you have never visited my SOURCE, you should update your profile with contact information, including a telephone number. If you have been in the system, make sure your profile information is updated.

Next, you will begin the organization creation process. For this step, you will need a electronic version of your new organization’s constitution, as well as the names and emails of your organization officers and members, as well as your advisor’s name and contact information. To proceed:

  1. From your my SOURCE profile select the “Organizations” tab
  2. Next select the button “Register a New Organization” found at the bottom left of the page
  3. Fill out the appropriate information (included above in information and/or documents needed)
  4. Click “Submit for Approval” once all of your information has been recorded
  5. Click Finish
  6. Complete the Online Child Protection and Hazing Policy Acknowledgement via DocuSign
  7. Your organization will receive an email of approval/denial within 1-2 weeks of submission unless mitigating circumstances exist
Students may ask any University of Alabama full-time faculty or staff member to serve as an advisor to their organization. Students will often ask mentors, faculty or staff members in the department the organization is in, or faculty or staff members they know might have an interest in the organization. Having a difficult time identifying an organization advisor? Contact The SOURCE for assistance and guidance with the process.
All organizations should update their information on their my SOURCE organization page. Organization leaders should update the organization page and information within my SOURCE anytime there is a change. Once approved, organizations should check out the resources available via The SOURCE website for organization management.
  1. The opportunity to obtain meeting or event space in campus facilities
  2. The opportunity to obtain a “web presence” via the mySOURCE organization portal
  3. The opportunity to publish announcements in all University publications and via my SOURCE
  4. The opportunity to have the organization listed in all Student Involvement Office publications, as well as on the official online database of University of Alabama student organizations
  5. The opportunity to apply for funds through the SGA Financial Affairs Committee (FAC)
  6. Sponsorship of events, on-campus solicitation, and fundraising activities by The Office of Student Involvement or other willing UA Departments/entities.
  7. Opportunity to participate in fall and spring “Get On Board Day” and other services of the Office of Student Involvement and The SOURCE, such as Organization Take Over.
  8. Access to consultation with Office of Student Involvement professional staff on organizational issues (i.e., conflict resolution, retreats, officer transition, etc.) and access the the Student Organization Resource Center provided by The Office of Student Involvement.
  9. Free advertising of program/activities in the Ferguson Center and use of display cases.
  10. Leadership development and training opportunities via SOURCE programming team