Welcome to The SOURCE, where student organizations are kind of our thing!

Our team is dedicated to three core principles, our ABCs: we advocate for effective policies, open dialogue, and genuine engagement on behalf of student organizations; we build a strong community of student organizations by developing dynamic leaders, providing practical and accessible resources and  facilitating widespread and relevant communication; finally, we connect students to involvement opportunities and foster collaboration among student organizations.

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Find an Organization

Find student organizations through mySOURCE to start your journey of engagement with leadership opportunities at UA. Search by categories of interest, which range from arts, advocacy, cultural/identity-based, athletic, academic, spiritual, honor societies, and more!
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Organization Support

Need help with team development, designing a logo, or getting a message out to campus? The SOURCE can aid student organization through access to a number of resources and services, including training opportunities, workshops, or one-on-one consultation.
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Leadership Opportunities

Learn about leadership application processes, jobs or committee positions with The SOURCE, be a part of our Involvement Genius Team, and more. Leadership provides a great place to gain skills in a number of areas that can aid you in your future career!
Get On Board Day 2023. Get plugged in.

Signature Involvement Events

Get On Board Day (GOBD), Organization Take Over (OTO), and our annual Category Mixers are a trio of programming opportunities designed to help you get connected to our 650+ student organizations. Get more info about these signature events today!
Event Smart: UA event training workshop and registration guide for student organizations. Student Involvement, the Division of Student Life

Events/Grounds Use

Student Involvement facilitates an online event registration process to educate, assist, and support students as they plan responsible events on campus. This includes the “Grounds Use” process, which is used to secure space for outdoor events, programs, or advertising.

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