ATTENTION: The student organization event policies for fall 2021 have not been announced yet. For current COVID guidelines, please visit UA’s Health Info website. The student organization event form is currently closed. Questions about student organization events? Contact

Please review the information below about event registration and health and safety policies related to COVID-19. To view the University’s most updated information related to COVID-19 please visit the UA Health Info website.

Frequently Asked Questions

All events, meetings, social events and programs organized by student organizations, whether held on-campus, off-campus, or virtually, must be registered through mySource.

  • An “event” is defined as any gathering that is planned, sponsored, promoted, and/or funded by (or on behalf of) a student organization.
    • Exemptions include the daily functions of on-campus housing, such as regular meal service at Greek and small group houses.
  • A “social event” is defined as any event planned, sponsored, promoted or funded by a student organization that is inherently social in nature, including any event sponsored by an alumni/alumnae/graduate group that is promoted by or held in conjunction with the undergraduate or graduate student group.

Yes! The information in this FAQ is summarized from the Social Event Guidelines, which includes an Addendum that specifically covers policies related to COVID-19 and supersedes the policies listed in the Social Event Guidelines, where conflicts arise.

Student organizations register events through the mySource Online Event Form. To gain access to the form, an organization officer or member must complete Event Smart training and pass an assessment with a score of at least 90%.

In-Person Student Organization Events/Meetings

  • Students are encouraged to register planned events at least ten (10) University business days prior to the event date.
  • At a minimum, planned events should be registered no less than five (5) University business days prior to the event date.
  • If the Event does not present logistical complexities, the registration will be promptly reviewed and addressed.

Virtual Student Organization Events/Meetings

  • Virtual events and meetings must be registered at least two business days in advance.
Reminder: A University business day means any day when the University is in operation. It does not include Saturdays, Sundays, and University holidays or other days when normal business operations are suspended.

Any in-person meetings or events that are required for members must allow virtual attendance by all members.

Student organizations should consider virtual engagement and community building activities to include those who are part of vulnerable populations and/or do not feel comfortable attending in-person gatherings.

Student organizations should plan to host events virtually or outside when at all possible.

While proposed events may be regulated or not allowed based on expected size or capacity, there are currently no limitations on student organizations’ ability to reserve campus spaces. However, organizations should anticipate difficulty with reserving indoor space, which will be at a premium due to more frequent use by academic departments to accommodate smaller class sizes. Further, an on-campus space reservation does not guarantee that your event will ultimately be approved.

Student organizations must continually and actively encourage members and event attendees to utilize the personal protective behaviors listed below (as well as those mandated by the University, city, and state officials).

  • Masks and/or face coverings are required at all events and must be worn correctly for the duration of events.
  • Social distancing is required at all events. Student organizations must set up and conduct events in a manner that allows and encourages social distancing.
  • Student organizations must guarantee access to hand-washing stations and/or appropriate hand sanitizer at all events.


Student organizations must post prominent and visible signage at events to educate attendees about COVID-19. (Available on the CDC website and the University’s Health Info website.)

Attendance Collection

Maintaining and properly reporting attendance at events is important for helping health officials communicate with individuals that may have been unknowingly exposed at an event to someone who subsequently tests positive for COVID-19.

Check out our Tracking Attendance (PDF) for a quick reference guide.

  • For UA attendees (anyone with an active myBama login) at in-person events, student organizations must utilize the mySource Event Pass and Campus Labs Event Check In App to record event attendance
    • The mySource event pass can be accessed by logging into and following the directions listed in this How to access your Event Pass article
    • Attendees can save their Event Pass (an individualized QR code) to their phone’s wallet, log into and pull up the pass, keep a screenshot on their phone, or print out the pass
    • Student organization officers can use the Campus Labs Event Check In App on their phones to track attendance for events that have been approved in mySource.
  • If a student organization event will have external attendees (anyone without a current myBama login or who cannot be checked in via the Campus Labs Event Check In App), the organization must:
    1. Indicate the presence of external guests on the event registration form​
    2. Keep a list of attendees (and their contact information—name, e-mail, and phone number) who are not checked in via the Event Check In App utilizing this template
    3. Upload the list with completed information via mySource within 48 hours of the event (or sooner if necessary)

Failure to properly track external attendees may result in disciplinary action against the organization.

Check In/Out

Events must have one main entrance and one main exit with a check in/out system that allows for social distancing.


Student organizations should make events contact-less in every way possible, including but not limited to:

  • utilizing digital attendance collection
  • eliminating giveaways at tabling and other events
  • fundraising and collecting money via digital transaction services, etc.

No Frills

The use of decorations, props, inflatables, amusement devices, and structures are not permitted.

  • High-touch surfaces (including doorknobs, light switches, bathrooms, handrails, etc.) must be cleaned and disinfected with EPA-approved disinfectants routinely throughout events and must be sanitized at least every two hours.
  • Spaces hosting events must be sanitized and disinfected before and after the event takes place.
  • Any UA staff, students, or vendors who will sanitize before, during, or after events must meet CDC and EHS’ standards and training requirements.
  • Food must be prepared in a commercial kitchen (either by a business included on the approved catering list or by a dining facility on campus) or must be pre-packaged. Food cannot be homemade.
  • Food at events must be served as “grab-and-go,” pre-packaged, or individually packaged items. (No buffet, self-serve, or other styles of service are permitted.)
  • Additional food service requirements from the University, city, state, and Alabama Department of Public Health must also be enforced and will be communicated to students.
  • Food machines (popcorn machines, cotton candy makers, snow cone machines, etc.) are not permitted unless they are operated in a kitchen by kitchen staff or by an approved caterer.
  • Indoor events with more than 50 attendees are impermissible, absent special approval from the Vice President of Student Life or their designee.
  • Outdoor events with more than 100 attendees are impermissible, absent special approval from the Vice President of Student Life or their designee.
  • Indoor events must comply with the new capacities of all on-campus spaces which have been reduced to allow for social distancing.
  • Capacity for outdoor spaces will be determined by Environmental Health and Safety depending upon the event setup.

Student organizations hosting large events may have a review meeting with UA staff before their first large, on-campus event. This resource is also available prior to subsequent events if the organization finds it helpful.Student organizations are encouraged to:

  • use the largest available space for each event (and/or a combination of indoor and outdoor spaces and rooms)
  • consider dividing attendees into groups
  • consider rotating attendance at events

Off-campus events sponsored by, or on behalf of, student organizations are impermissible, absent special approval from the Vice President of Student Life or their designee.

  • Off-campus events must comply with all health and safety policies listed in the Addendum to the Social Event Guidelines.
  • Off-campus events must be registered through the mySource online event form.
  • Student organizations who rent an off-campus venue or space to host their event will also sign a DocuSign agreement along with the venue.

COVID Resources

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